Distributed investment in other encrypted currencies, including bitcoin
Funds collected from investors are used to fund FX transactions, and Arbitrage(the price difference between exchanges).
Distinctive operation of Bit Monster

The operating part has become a distinctive charm.
Unnecessary tasks have been eliminated by the ease of account manipulation.

Auto deposit function

Multi account control

New sign up

Creating an Affiliate

Asset management by compound management is the best system

What I want to convey here at this time is the wonder of Bit Monster welfare operation.

Can operate consistently at about 1% profit per day

Simple operation function

Maximize profit from all compounding

Operating Company

Company name: Biteller Corporation Ltd.

CEO: Eric Harman

Location: 3F,100 Cannon Street, London EC4N 6EU

Branch office: San Francisco, Singapore

The UK fund is operating Bit Monster.
Bit Monster is a company that generates profits by running FX trading and arbitrage with funds collected from investors.
As a company that has been trading since the early 2000s, five years after its establishment, its monthly trading volume exceeded $ 3 million.

Bit Monster’s investment plan (participation fee)

To earn a bonus, you must deposit a Bitcoin in the open position. Deposits in one position are 0.1~50 BTC. One user can create up to 15 items. You can earn 3 bonuses from the bitcoin deposits in this position.

①Daily bonus
②Uni level bonus
③Binary bonus

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Bonus of Bit Monster

Dividends fluctuate 1% per day

From about 1%, the total deposit to the company is reduced by 0.05% for every $ 10 million increase. For example, if you sign up at $ 20 million in sales, your daily profit is about 0.9%, or 0.85% if you exceed $ 30 million. Interest at the time of entry will remain unchanged.

※ The rules set for profit participation on this day are position unit, not user unit.

※ In addition, the following are added.

⚪︎ If there are 0 introducers
In addition to the above conditions, it will be 0.8.
When registered for $ 20 million,
Based on an interest rate of 0.9%
0.9 x 0.8 = 0.72%

⚪︎ If there is only one introducer
In addition to the above conditions, it will be 0.9.
When registered for $ 20 million,
Based on an interest rate of 0.9%
0.9 x 0.9 = 0.81%

⚪︎ If there are two introducers
In addition to the above conditions, it will be 1.
When registered for $ 20 million,
Based on an interest rate of 0.9%
0.9 x 1 = 0.9%

In other words, you can keep about 1% of yourself by giving 3 positions yourself by connecting two accounts from main account. The minimum investment amount is 0.1btc, so there is no problem even if you do not have the confidence to introduce it.

Introduction Bonus

There are two recommended bonuses.

▲Uni level bonus

Bit Monster’s Uni level bonus can be redeemed up to 5th level.
level1 → 5 %
level2 → 2 %
level3 → 1 %
level4 → 1 %
level5 → 1 %
You can get the above percentage for your investment at each level.

▲Binary bonus

On the left and right side, the smaller amount is calculated, resulting in a multiplier multiplied by%.

It is about 3% ~ 7%.

0 ~ 30BTC … 3 %
30 ~ 60BTC … 3.5 %
60 ~ 90BTC … 4 %
90 ~ 120BTC … 4.5 %
120 ~ 150BTC … 5 %
150 ~ 180BTC … 5.5 %
180 ~ 210BTC ··· 6 %
210 ~ 250BTC … 6.5 %
250BTC ~ … 7 %

The greater the total investment, the more% you increase.

About Principal

The principal can be withdrawn entirely from the next day.

This is quite attractive.

There are Airbitclub and Tradecoinclub as the management items using the same arbitrator (discretionary transaction)

Most of the systems are can not withdrawn.

※ However, it is recommended to withdraw money after 31 days.
It will fee of 40% will be incurred as a penalty for withdrawal within 30 days after the deposit.

About withdraw

Bit Monster’s payout can be received in a bitcoin every day.
You can apply for withdrawal at any time, and it will take 1-7 days for the funds to arrive.
The withdrawal fee is 2% of the deposit amount.

The withdrawal of Bit Monster requires registration of your ID card.

● Identification documents
Driver’s license (back)
Basic Resident Register Card
One of the above

● Address verification documents
License (back)
Basic Resident Register Card
Within 3 months of your public utility bill
Within 3 months of the phone bill for the applicant’s name
Within 3 months of your credit card bill
National health insurance card (Social insurance is NG)
One of the above

For principal 1BTC (1BTC = $ 1200 converted), Calculate 1% per day profit

When combining operated, the total assets increase to about $ 43,000 a year later (about 36 times a year).

After two years, assets increase to about $ 1.56 million.

You can see the splendor of compound operating by looking at numbers.

Experience Bit Monster

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